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  • Sonia Mathanaruban

Arab Emirates school life

​United Arab Emirates is a fascinating place to visit. You can visit so many places and find out so many things. It`s a great place if you want to go for a vacation, but of course there are a few rules you have to follow, for example not to wear indecent clothing or curse in public.

The United Arab Emirates have 7 regions (Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras al Khaimah, Umm al Quwain, Fujairah, Abu Dhabi - which is the capital city). There are different rules for each region. The most touristic places are Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but they could be a little pricey, so for a living people mostly recommend Sharjah.

Emirates are famous for invesing their petrol into making touristic places to attract tourists. At the moment Emirates are growing due to tour business and real estate investments. 1zl equals to 0.94 fils(dirhams), salary can start from 1,000-4,000 dirhams and can reach up to 100,000 dirhams or maybe even more although it depends on job.

There are many types of transports such as taxis, buses, metros if you want to feel luxurious you could order an uber or a careem. It can take you less than 10 minutes to get from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, for example earlier it took for 2 hours.

The foods costing can start from 5 dhs up to 3,000 dhs or more, but everyday product you can buy in a supermarket is equal to the food costing in Poland.

The apartment cost usually starts from 25,000 per year.

As for their religion, we all know that they are muslims and women wear a cultural dress named abaya and head wear is named hijab. The dress is quite long and covers all the body. It can be black, dark blue or even beige. Men's clothes are named a kandoora. It can be the same colors as the abaya for the people who follow the cultural dress code, but you can wear whatever you want as long as its decent.

Since the United Arab Emirates is a muslim country people follow and celebrate the religious events like Ramadan and Eid. On Ramadan muslims must fast from dusk till dawn and the celebration goes on by decorating streets and doing good deeds like giving out food or donating. None muslim in UAE is not allowed to eat in public as a respect to the people fasting. There are two Eid celebrations in a year, the first one is Eid-Al-Futr comes directly after Ramadan. Eid people celebrate by spending time with their family and friends, giving out money, people usually buy new outfits for this special occasion, the second one is Eid-Al-Adha usually comes a month after Ramadan and people celebrate it by killing sheep and donating the meat to the poor. Muslims sacrifice sheep in Eid-Al-Adha because it honors Abraham's willingness to slay his son Ismael at Allah's request and it`s a supreme act of faith, the prophet Abraham who was distressed by the order that Allah gave him asked his son Ismael what he should do and the boy advised him to follow Allah's command, when Abraham came to follow Allah's request the angel Jibreel appeared to prevent him from going through this slaughter saying he had already demonstrated his love for Allah, a goat was slaughtered instead of the boy's place, today the same animal is sacrificed in the memory of this story.

Educational system comes in many different ways, there are American, British, and Arabic curriculums. Most schools usually work from 8am until 14:00-15:00pm. The break is only around 10 or 11am, each class is usually 40-45mins, there are no breaks between the periods like in Poland. Teachers usually come to classes, but some schools have system where students go to the teacher`s class. All schools have uniforms that students are obliged to wear and all schools have a morning assembly that usually takes around 20 minutes. During morning assemblies we sing the national anthem of the UAE.

Private schools, which are mostly have an American or British curriculum are paid and the public schools are obviously for free, public schools are all in Arabic curriculum. All schools have 14 years of studying including kindergarten. All public and some private schools divide boys and girls starting from 5th grade, but private schools can keep them mixed. The system of grades in the UAE schools are different compared to the Polish system, in UAE they grade us by letters (A,B,C,D,F..) or numbers( from 1-100 ). At the end of every semester we take a final exam, the passing mark is 60 which is usually a D, if you don`t pass by the third semester you will have to repeat the exam and if you still fail that one you must repeat the entire grade.

The schools in the UAE contain a lot of events like sports day, breast cancer awareness day, business day, national day, flag day etc.. They have holidays three times a year which are winter holidays(a month), spring holidays(2 weeks) and summer holidays(2 and a half months), there are also holidays that are 3-4 days in the middle of every semester and these holidays are for religious and cultural related events.

I hope you enjoyed some information from back home (United Arab Emirates).

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